We’ve certainly seen some breathtaking bathroom trends take hold in recent times, but one that certainly stands out and commands attention is the matte black tapware trend.

You might have seen this bold and sophisticated look take off on the glossy pages of your favourite homemakers magazine- it follows a number of leaps in innovative tapware design that revolves around a bolder, modern and colour blocked appeal.

Matte Black Tapware is right at home in:

Minimalist or Settings

Nothing commands attention in a bathroom like nothing much at all. If you’re a fan of simple, streamlined, functional design, you’ll understandably be drawn to the possibility of a matte black waterfall shower head or a set of matte black mixer taps to really set off the minimalist sirens.

With Strong, Singular Colour Schemes

If you’re a fan of colour, getting the tapware just right can be tricky. While standard chrome fittings can sometimes be distracting from a. Strong colour scheme, matte black provides just the right amount of intensity in rooms where colour is the focus. Size it up against a French navy or fire engine red- it leaves standard chrome taps for dust!

With Industrial themes

Matte black tap ware was made to stand out in industrial themed design. Pair those smooth, clean lines and natural colours with a conscientious splash of orange and perhaps the company of some thriving indoor plants and you have a look that steals anyone’s breath away. Think of the matt black McFly basin mixer tap in a stone-coloured setting and the rest will come naturally!

Of course, matte black tapware won’t work in just any setting and it just won’t settle well in every bathroom. Matte black tapware tends to be a forced look in a kitchen or bathroom where design trends toward country, bohemian or rustic styled rooms. However, it’s important not to overlook it if your style book leans to Transitional, French country or even a Coastal look, because in the perfect setting matte black can also provide balance and unexpected neutrality.

One way to find out whether matte black tap ware will work in your home is to consult with a professional in person and find out more about the options available to you. A professional tapware consultant will be able to walk you through a number of looks and help you to decide which looks will work best in your home, and of course, which might fall flat.

At Middletons Builders Warehouse, we’re committed to delivering on high quality, affordable tap ware for bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and more. Importantly, we never scrimp of style, which means you get to enjoy the great prices and lasting quality of a style that fits your unique tastes. Check out our amazing range in matte black tap ware today - or call (03) 9464 5000 and speak to a member of our team.